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Open to all girls in public, private and homeschools in all communities, Bulldogs Spirit Poms and Dance is a non-profit organization promoting the importance of sportsmanship, commitment, determination, teamwork, self-confidence, enthusiasm and team spirit, a passion for the art of dance, and the value of community service in our area youth.

"Dance Big, Dream Big, Care Big!"


Q. When was Bulldogs Spirit Poms and Dance founded? 

A. The groundwork and funds were being laid out in 2017, and finally implemented in 2018. 

Q. What grades/ages is this program reaching out to?

A. As of right now, 6th-8th grade and 3-4 years and if there is enough interest we will be adding more ages/grades before our 2019 season.  We have staff qualified and experienced that work with all ages so we are going to create our program according to what our community needs.

Q. What info do you have on requirements like games and practices?

A. We will not be dancing/performing for any games.  To fulfill our requirements with the IRCA we will be participating at community events and performing at special events.  On top of getting the chance to compete and learn with fantastic volunteers in the community with an amazing amount of dance/poms/performing backgrounds, we want the girls to have the opportunity to perform.  As for practices they will be indoors.  We are partnered with Volo Sportplex for our 6th-8th grade girls to practice indoors.  Our 3-4 year olds will be indoors as well, at the Wauconda Township Building and Volo Sportsplex.

Q. Are you members of IRCA?

A. Yes, we are in our first year of membership.  We are also a member of the Wauconda Chamber of Commerce.  

Q. Who are you working with for uniforms/dresses and spirit items?  We want quality!

A.  And you will get it! :) We are partnering with Varsity and Cheer Shoppe through the IRCA for our 6th-8th grade girls to get them the best quality at the best price!  There will be more info on that come registration time and uniform fittings! 

Q.  Will there a be a no-bullying policy?

A.  Absolutely.  We have a no-tolerance policy, and the parent/guardian who is registering their child will sign this confirming that they, and their child, are aware that if this policy is not followed, they will be removed from the team with no refund.  This will be a team that is encouraging, uplifting and working together.  We are a no-drama and no-bullying organization, and want our girls to get the best experience out of Bulldogs Spirit Poms and Dance.      

Q.  I saw your post about Princess Poms, when will there be more info?

A.  We are SO EXCITED to add our little ones ages 3-4 to our program!  It's gotten such a good response we wanted to add this ASAP!  We are aiming (AS ALWAYS) to keep costs very low, and we expect practices to be once a week and not too long, since little ones get so antsy after a while :)  We plan to teach ballet, jazz, tumbling, creative movement and lots of other fun things and games, along with a routine that they can perform all over in our communities!  We want them to get the fun experience of performing and learning to be the best they can be, with all their parents and families supporting them!  This will start in July as we are going to enter the girls in one local competition on top of being out in the community with their parents, and registration will start May 5th along with the older girls!

Q. How do you plan to keep prices so cheap?

A. We are a non-for-profit.  That is what we stand on, and we are not going to charge any more than what is needed to get the basic and best quality items for your girls, go to competitions with a wonderful organization, and our volunteers are just that - volunteers.  They get no money, no commission; they truly enjoy giving back to the community.  Most of them have been raised to do so and it is their passion.  Most of our volunteers have professions in the community and work with youth, and want the girls in the surrounding communities to make friends, have a no-drama, bully-free zone that they can enjoy dance, perform, and learn how to become the best they can be, inside and OUTSIDE of the studio.

We will be relying on donations and sponsors to cover any additional costs we may need.  All the info of what it costs you is on our flyer, we are very determined to keep all info open and transparent to anyone who has questions.  Please remember, if you bring in a $500 sponsor your registration fee is waived!

Q. Is dance experience required for your program?

A.  No!  :)

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